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Elizabeth Redfern is an experienced collie Breeder in the area of Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth has had a tenured interest with collies, having purchased her first collie at the age of 18 and first established her collie breeding programme in the year nineteen sixty three with the Acquisition of “Pixie”, of the Lady Park. She has been devoted to her breeding and animal care since and is a prominent and active member of the local canine community. In fact Elizabeth teaches dedicated and regular classes for junior show handlers; youth who are preparing to enter the show rings with their canine companions, and those pursuing junior show handling careers. She is involved with other dog sports as well.

Elizabeth Redfern is also a happily married retired school teacher, and mother of two. Here we have an article from the breeder Elizabeth Redfern herself.

By Beth Redfern

My name is Elizabeth Redfern.  My childhood was blessed with so many exceptional expeeriences.  I was fortunate to have been born in Haida Gwaii, in Queen Charlotte City and then moved with my parents to Ashcroft BC where the whole western ranch culture was one’s lifesblood.  After a short stay on the Pairies, we moved to Chesterfield Inlet and before the advent of the snowmobile, when dog teams were the basic means of travel, the die was cast.  We moved then to Sioux Lookout in NW Ontario and then to Thunder Bay, but the damage was done. Dogs, horses, animals…. were woven into my soul.  Pixie came in 1963 after Major, our mix breed died.  Albert Payson Terhune’s influence didn’t harm the attraction to Collies.
It was wonderful to have the opportunity to have been a classroom teacher, grades 2-10 for 35 years after attaining a BA and B.ed at Lakehead University.  It has been a great privilege to have been able to have  an opportunity to be involved in such a fabulous vocation. Before that I worked for the Fort William Archaeological Project for several years in the summer and two years permanently.

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